Butt Enhancement Creams - Top 10 Tested (Amazing Results)

Big breasts used to be what made women feel sexy back in the day. While many men and women still consider big breasts sexy to this day, having a bigger and sexier butt is gaining more attention.


Butt Enhancement Cream By Booty Perfect
361 Reviews
Butt Enhancement Cream By Booty Perfect
  • Moisturizes and Tightens Skin.
  • Reduce The Appearance of Cellulite.
  • Works Best With Booty Perfect Supplement.
  • 1 Year Money Back Guarantee.
  • Manufactured in an FDA Certified Lab.

Bigger butts and wider hips are “in” today. If you don’t believe us, simply look at some of today’s hottest celebrities.

Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, and Kim Kardashian are all known for and are proud of their big butts. Having a bigger, rounder, and toner butt is the new sexy.

For those who want a bigger butt, know that there is more you can do on your own to make this happen rather than relying on plastic surgery, a Brazilian butt lift or butt implants.

For example, there are exercises, diets, and even butt enlargement creams and supplement that can all help you get a bigger butt, amazing thighs, and hips, and without expanding your waistline.

By exercising the butt, hips, and thighs regularly, coupled with taking a buttock enhancement pill and/ or using a butt enhancement topical cream, you will be surprised how bigger, rounder, and sexier your butt will become in a short time.

However, many individuals are hesitant to take pills as they could cause uncomfortable side effects or prove to be ineffective.

Therefore, many natural butt enhancement manufacturers have developed a topical enhancement cream that can also help naturally get a bigger butt, without the risk of any side effects. In fact, most women prefer to use topical creams to help them to get a brand new booty.

By the way, this can be the perfect valentine day gift!

There are tons of different butt cream available that you can find online today, all promising the same results.

However, some brands are more effective than others. So how do you know which natural butt enhancement creams are the most effective in helping you get a bigger butt?

At HipsAndBum, we’ve taken the time to research the top ten best butt enhancement creams.

Read on to learn what we found, and the ones we believe are best for naturally getting a bigger, sexier butt.



Butt Enhancement Cream By Booty Perfect
361 Reviews
Butt Enhancement Cream By Booty Perfect
  • Moisturizes and Tightens Skin.
  • Reduce The Appearance of Cellulite.
  • Works Best With Booty Perfect Supplement.
  • 1 Year Money Back Guarantee.
  • Manufactured in an FDA Certified Lab.


Apex Booty Pop Cream
3101 Reviews
Apex Booty Pop Cream
  • Improves The Appearance of Wrinkles, Stretch Marks and Cellulite
  • Creates The Appearance of a Fuller Bottom
  • Helps Retain the Appearance of a Toned Butt!
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7 Other Butt Creams You Might Want to Try

1. Booty Perfect Butt Enhancement Cream – Booty Perfect is our Top Pick. With over 1,000s of units sold worldwide, and dozens of happy customer reviews on Amazon, Booty Perfect is the number one butt enhancement cream available today.

Booty Perfect butt cream is a natural topical cream, clinically proven to enlarge, firm, and lift the butt. Many may wonder how a topical cream can actually make a butt bigger. The number one active ingredient in Booty Perfect butt cream is Saw Palmetto.

So how exactly does this butt cream work? Saw Palmetto is an ingredient that helps stimulate fat cells to increase the production of new cells. In fact, Saw Palmetto is a powerful formula completely capable of stimulating the creation of new fat cells, ultimately increasing the volume of the butt.

Apart from that, the product uses over 10 natural ingredients including wild yam, green tea and fennel seed, that provide other benefits such as boosting collagen and regulating oestrogen.

Visit this site here to read more in-depth facts and scientific results of Booty Perfect butt enhancement cream. As for application, apply dime-sized quantity in circular motion to the intended area.

Booty Perfect manufacturers recommend using a dime-size amount of the topical cream at least twice per day. The other good news is that Booty Perfect does not result in extra weight gain in unwanted areas or cause other side effects. Booty Perfect butt cream is 100% safe, natural, and effective.

Finally, after using Booty Perfect butt enhancement cream at least twice a day on a regular basis, in addition to consuming a diet rich in clean goods and grains and performing butt enhancement exercises, users can see results in as little as one month.

2. Booty Magic – Our second pick, Booty Magic is another highly effective and successful butt topical cream. Booty Magic contains Voluplus and Volufiline, which are the active ingredients that help to boost fat cells in the booty.

Volufiline is a non-hormonal ingredient made from a combination of a plant extracts. What makes this particular ingredient special is that it works to increase the production of fat cells and plumps fatty tissue.

It works to remodel body contours through a lipo-filling process to boost volume where applied. What’s great about this product is that application does not result in temporary swelling; rather, it provides users with permanent results.

Furthermore, Volufiline has undergone several clinical studies and has been proven to successfully plumb and boost the volume of the buttocks and breasts of the volunteers and participants in the study.

Visit this site here to learn more about how Volufiline works.

Finally, Booty Magic is also 100% natural, safe, and provides fast results—in as little as under a month. Another “perk” to using a butt enhancement cream is that the results are typically permanent, even after reduced use.

In addition, other firming agents and ingredients, such as aloe, cocoa butter, and coconut oil get massaged into the skin making skin look shinier, brighter, and smoother for a sexier, toner look.

Furthermore, an effective booty enhancement topical cream will not contain hormones, compared to some butt enhancement pills.

Not only is Booty Magic effective, it’s also available at a great value. One bottle lasts approximately two months, which is typically within the time frame of when users will begin to notice a difference and an increases in firmness and size of the butt.

Users have also combined this product with Booty Magic butt enhancement pills to get fuller and faster results.

3. Slim Extreme 3D – Slim Extreme 3D butt enhancement topical cream is yet another highly effective and natural cream used to help users get a bigger, firmer, and toner butt. Slim Extreme has been used by thousands of happy customers all over the world.

Slim Extreme is created with a revolutionary formula made from Volufiline, a top active ingredient, which we’ve seen in our other two top picks we’ve reviewed thus far. As we mentioned above, Volufiline is an effective ingredient that helps to plumb and grow fat cells, which helps fill in, shape, and lift the buttocks muscles, giving the butt a bigger, toner, and sexier appearance.

Some other active ingredients in Slim Extreme include the following:

Asian plant Gardenia – a natural extract used in many forms of natural medicine today. This ingredient helps stimulate the development of lipids and fatty acids as well as aiding in their storage.

Kigelia Africana – This ingredient helps to improve the elasticity of connective tissue fibers, which also helps in shaping the buttocks line, giving that immediate push-up effect.

Hyaluronic acid – This ingredient acts like a “molecular sponge”, aiding in moisturizing the skin for a shinier, more youthful look.

Caffeine – Much like caffeine helps give our systems a much-needed boost every day, it can also aid in microcirculation, accelerating the metabolism in the skin, which can help increase firmness and elasticity.

Laminaria Algae – This ingredient contains several vitamins, mineral salts, antioxidants and amino acids, all of which help the overall structure of skin skeleton, boosting the metabolism in the skin, while also detoxifying and purifying.

In addition to helping users lift and get a bigger butt, Slim Extreme 3D also helps prevent loose skin, flabbiness, and sagging. It can even help protect against stretch marks, especially if users are participating in any type of weight loss program.

Slim Extreme is NOT a weight loss method; however, it can be highly effective in aiding users in tightening, firming, and lifting the butt.

7 Other Butt Creams You Might Want to Try

Now that we’ve reviewed our top three picks for the most effective and top-rated butt creams in detail, here are seven other effective butt cream products worth checking out:

4. Major Curves – While we’ve looked at a number of butt-enhancing creams, here is a similar product, but in a different form. Major Curves makes butt enhancement drops that have proven to increase butt size by up to 31 percent.

Major Curves butt enhancement drops are 100% natural, containing a number of fruit extracts, Maca root, vitamins, herbs, and seeds. Major Curves manufacturers recommend putting 2 mL (up to two drops) daily in water or your favorite beverage. This product comes with a natural vanilla flavor.

If you are looking for a butt-building or butt-enhancing product, but dislike topical creams or have a hard time taking pills, then Major Curves might be the best choice for you. Some users have claimed to see results in as little as six days, and up to a two-inch increase, mainly because of maca root.

5. DIVA Curves Butt Enhancement Cream – DIVA Curves butt enhancement cream claims to contain an “extra strength” formula to help lift and enhance the butt. But not to worry—this formula is blended with all natural ingredients, such as ground ginger, cinnamon, and oil extract to help stimulate blood flow and help fill out flat areas.

In addition, DIVA Curves butt cream is also made with dead sea minerals, spirulina tone to help smooth away roughness, and cucumber to help add plumpness and softness. Natural Passion Flower and rosemary provide a soft, light fragrance while antioxidant-packed pink grapefruit and papaya deliver skin-loving nutrition right to the source.

DIVA Curves manufacturers recommend using this product morning and night for faster and the best results. Massage the cream thoroughly into the desired area, and let the formula do its job. Users have claimed to see a noticeable difference within two weeks of regular use.

6. Ann Mitchell MAXI – Before you go to bed each night you probably take off your make up, cleanse your face and skin, and maybe even take a shower. Well, if you are looking for a round, sexier bum, then add the Ann Mitchell MAXI butt-enhancing cream to your nightly routine.

This 100% natural butt cream does wonders for the skin. It contains all natural ingredients, such as mineral oil, beeswax, and Volufiline, just to name a few. The proprietary blend of Ann Mitchell MAXI butt cream works to smooth the skin, giving it a shinier, smoother, and youthful look, while also helping to give the butt a larger and toner look.

Ann Mitchell MAXI manufacturers recommend applying a small portion to the desired area each night after showering, leaving it on the skin overnight. Users have claimed that this product really helps tighten and lift the butt. Some users have even used it on their breasts for a noticeable and desirable difference.

7. Japan 3Cup Size – Speaking of breast-enhancing products, the Japan 3Cup Size cream is great for enlarging and enhancing both the breasts and the butt.

The Japan 3Cup Size is made with an herbal-balancing formula that is great for enhancing breast tissue. This formula helps to nourish and hydrate the skin by stimulating the tissue surrounding the breast and the butt. This unique formula absorbs into the skin quickly, and deeply penetrates the tissue, allowing for maximum results in target areas.

Japan 3Cup size manufacturers recommend using the cream every day for up to six months in order to see desired results and maximum performance. After the six-month period is over, and users are happy with the results, users can continue to use the product once per week.

This product is easy to use, it’s safe, and it’s effective. It also has a three-year shelf life, but we guarantee you will use it up long before this, simply because you will fall in love with it, and your body all over again!

8. Gluteboost Butt Enhancement Cream – We’ve seen the Glute Boost product when reviewing butt enhancement pills, and here we are seeing it again for butt-enhancing creams.

Glute Boost’s Butt Cream is a natural and safe way to get a bigger butt. This butt-enhancing cream has two main active ingredients: Voluplus and Volufiline. Both of these ingredients, which we’ve seen in other products as well, have been clinically tested to provide safe and effective results.

Because Glute Boost’s butt cream is designed to promote the growth of tissue, moisturize the skin, and even deliver anti-aging elements to help treat and prevent wrinkles, stretch marks, and even skin dimples. This great butt cream will increase the volume of your butt while also enhancing your feminine curves and tightening your skin.

The best part about Glute Boost cream is that it works anywhere on the body where users want desired results. This cream is made from 100% natural ingredients, including natural oils and extracts to help tighten and firm the skin. Users have claimed to see results between four to 12 weeks.

9. Major Curves – We’ve already taken a look at the liquid drops by Major Curves, now we are going to take a quick look at the Major Curves butt enhancement cream.

Major Curves Butt Enhancement Cream proprietary blend of all natural ingredients includes LipidMaxx, which is a new formula proven to stimulate fat cells. The cream works to build fat cells where it is applied. Therefore, when users apply the cream to their butts or breasts, the product will produce more fatty tissue.

One of the best parts about Major Curves butt cream is that it does not create a temporary swelling; the results and effects of this cream are permanent.

Additionally, users who have used this product along with the Major Curves butt enhancement pills and the Major Curves butt enhancing liquid drops have seen faster results.

All in all, the Major Curves butt enhancement product line has helped thousands of satisfied customers with their new butt transformations. Users can expect to see results in approximately two months.

10. Bella Natural Herbal Breast Cream – Last, but certainly not least, we have Bella Natural Herbal Breast Cream. Similar to what we’ve seen in other products, the Bella Natural Herbal breast and butt-enhancing cream contains an herbal-balancing formula to help boost breast and butt tissue.

This herbal-balancing formula helps to nourish, hydrate, and support healthy breast and butt tissue and even mammary glands for fuller and plumper looking breasts and butts.

Bella Natural Herbal Breast Enhancement Cream works deeply to stimulate tissue and moisturize the skin to improve skin texture providing users with firmer, perkier, and even fuller breasts and butts.

Bella Natural Herbal manufacturers recommend consistent and regular usage for up to six months in order to see desirable results. Once users are satisfied with the results, they then can continue to use the product once per week, without losing any shape or size.


It’s no secret that in an attempt to model after today’s top celebrities, women all over the world are trying to get bigger and firmer butts.

However, many are under the impression that the only way to get a bigger butt is by plastic surgery.

But with today’s advancements in modern medicine and technology, there are now a number of safe, natural, and effective products that users can try right in their own homes. And with regular exercise and clean eating, having a bigger and sexier butt just got a whole lot easier.

As we mentioned above, while there are a number of other breast and buttock enhancement creams and products available out there on the market, such as booty pop and bootiful cream for example, the above top ten received the most positive reviews, and have even demonstrated overall effectiveness.

However, our top pick is Booty Perfect butt-enhancing cream for overall effectiveness, ease of use, and positive customer reviews, all backed by research.

Booty Perfect is an effective product and does provide users with the results they are looking for, but it can take up to a month of usage before users begin to see a noticeable difference.

All in all, as we referenced above, experiments, and other testing and analysis results have shown up to an 18 percent increase in overall butt size.

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