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Welcome to HipsAndBum.com – We created this site with just one goal, helping women everywhere feel better about their bodies.

How you feel affects every day of your life.  HipsAndBum understands that which is why we’re committed to bringing you the best information, guides, and reviews on diet, fitness, and products designed to make you lose weight, build muscle and get the body you want.

If you’re looking for in-depth information on how to get a better butt, we’ll have it.  We’ll go into detail the many elements that help you get the results you want.

We’ll regularly review and compare products related to fitness, health, and diet, these reviews will contain links from affiliates, from which we receive a small commission, and we also make money through Google ads. We’re open and honest about where our money comes from. While we’ll always be grateful if you buy through our affiliate links, we’ll never pressure you to do so.

We work in partnership with our sponsor companies to bring you the best information we can but you can be assured that we put a lot of time and effort into every word of information on this site and in the majority of cases we independently purchase, try and test the products we recommend.

We like to have fun too and we often take a light-hearted approach to our guides – because life isn’t fun unless you can have a little fun with it.  HipsAndBUm is updated with new articles a few times a month and we update older posts as necessary.  Our goal is to provide you with the latest and most relevant information available.  We want to hear from you.

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