Sumo Squats

If you are reading this article, then you are probably looking for a new way to banish fat and boost your booty naturally. While most women want a nicer butt, it seems like getting a bigger butt naturally is near impossible.

But we are here to tell you today that it isn’t. In fact, by doing the right butt-building exercises, you, too, can get a bigger, rounder, sexier butt without the need for surgery – or increasing your waistline!

One of the best natural and effective ways to get a bigger butt is by doing the right workouts on a regular basis. In fact, there are highly intense fat-burning and muscle-building workouts you can do in as little as five minutes, and without expensive gym equipment.

Here is an amazing workout you can do in as little as five minutes each day for a bigger and better butt. You can also scroll down to watch the workout in action.

Ski Squats

Ski Squats After a quick warm up, begin with forty seconds of ski squats. To make sure you are doing these correctly, stand with both feet and legs together, and simply squat while squeezing your butt muscles.

Bend both arms at the elbows, form fists, and bring your arms into your chest during the squeeze. Be sure to keep your gaze forward and your back as flat as possible to avoid curling or hunching the shoulders.

Be sure to also pay attention to your breathing while performing this exercise. Inhale while squatting down and exhale while standing up.

Sumo Squats

Sumo Squats

Similar to ski squats, this variation involves doing squats but with your feet and legs spread wider apart. The motion of this position is the same.

Be sure to squat deep, squeezing the butt muscles on your way down, pressing up through your heels. To know if you are performing this exercise correctly, you will feel the burn in your butt muscles and behind your thighs.

Again, do at least 10 reps or in 40 seconds before moving onto the next exercise. You can also add weights to make this exercise more intense and more of a challenge.

Pop Squats

Pop Squats

This variation of squats is a little more involved. First, start in a standing position with your feet and legs together. Then, jump and “pop” your feet apart, reaching one arm down and touching the floor. Alternate arms with each jump and “pop” for 40 seconds.

Be sure to keep your back flat as you reach down, and make sure you are breathing throughout this exercise.

Squat Hold

Squat Hold

This squat exercise refers back to the sumo squats we mentioned above. The only difference is with this squat is that you jump into the squat with your feet and legs apart, and hold the open squat position, tightening your glutes and butt muscles and staying as low and as deep as you can for at least 40 seconds.

While this might seem easy, you will likely feel your muscles burn in your outer thighs, the back of your thighs, and even your butt muscles.

Jump Squats

Jump Squats

This variation of squats is a little similar to pop squats, but you aren’t going to alternate your arms. Instead, you simply jump into a squat, bend at the knees, and jump straight up.

Jump Squats Landing

Be sure to keep your landings soft to avoid putting too much pressure on the knees or hurting your back.

There you have it. In five quick minutes, you would have given your butt, thigh, and hip muscles a burning workout. After doing this exercise routine for several weeks, you will likely notice a bigger and more tone butt and thighs, and while also shrinking your waistline.

You probably never thought that getting a bigger butt would be this easy. However, by eating the right foods, sticking to the right diet, and performing regular hip and butt enhancing exercises, you, too, can have a bigger butt, and even in just a few short weeks.

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